Teaching Staff Mobility

The Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility is exclusively aimed at carrying out a period of teaching (minimum 8 hours of lessons) in a foreign partner university. In addition to the documents normally requested for a research trip in Italy or abroad, the Erasmus mobility program requests some other specific documents.
The general information on teaching Staff Mobility Erasmus, the list of the Erasmus Partner universities and the Erasmus forms of the University are here.

Notes on filling in the documents
All Erasmus documents must be filled in, signed, delivered or shipped by internal mail to the International Relations Office of the School of Economics and Management, Piazza Ugo di Toscana, 5 -  Social Sciences Campus, Novoli.
For the Professors of the School of Economics and Management, the authorization to carry out the trip must be signed by the Director of the Department and the reimbursement is made by the Department of Economics and Management.

Documents to be prepared before the departure
- Request for authorization to carry out the trip (Form here): it is necessary to fill it in 2 copies, sign them, and submit them to the signature of the Director of Department, to have them registered by the Secretariat of the department;
- Teacher's agreement, filled in and signed in 2 copies to be delivered to the International Relations Office upon return (download here);
- Teaching Mobility Agreement (download here). It is suggested to compile it before departure and take it with you during the trip in order to obtain the original signature of the host university (the three signatures are necessary in original); this document must be signed before the beginning of the teaching period, even a day before;
- If the foreign university is not a partner of the School of Economics and Management but of another school of the university, it is advisable to request an official invitation in writing (e-mail) before departure.
During the mission
The host university will have to sign, at the end of the period, a Certificate of Attendance (on letterhead of the department) with the stamp and signature of the Coordinator. This certificate has to clearly indicate the start and end date of the teaching period, the calendar of the lessons and the number of teaching hours (Minimum 8 per week).
In order to know the maximum amount of expenses allowed, please refer to the guidelines for Research trips and for Reimbursements.
After the mission
It is necessary to:
- Deliver the Certificate of Attendance in original, the Teaching Mobility Agreement in original, the copy of the request for reimbursement of expenses and the 2 copies of the Teacher's agreement to the International Relations Service.
- Request for expenses reimbursement (Form here): fill in the form and deliver it signed, together with all the original receipts and a photocopy of the Certificate of Attendance to the Department of Economics and Management.
NEW: The individual report will no longer have to be compiled in a paper format but the professor will receive an e-mail with the link to the electronic form within 30 days of the end of the mission.
Main changes as compared to the previous LLP programme
The total duration of the mobility period may not exceed 2 months and needs to include a minimum of 2 days of activity and 8 hours of teaching per week.
The Certificate of Attendance issued by the host institution at the end of the period of mobility abroad certifies the dates of the actual beginning and end of the period of mobility.
The university reimburses the costs as per its own regulation for research trips, in compliance with the maximal amounts for the travel and the staying indicated by the EU (PDF).
Each professor can choose whether or not to receive the reimbursement of travel expenses. If not, the trip is not included in the period of mobility.
If the travel is included in the period of mobility, it has to be done no earlier than the day before the start of the activity and no later than the day after the end of the activity. These additional two days are calculated in the duration of the entire mobility and, therefore, considered for the purpose of calculating the individual funding.
For more information, contact the International Relations Office of the School of Economics and Management, Piazza Ugo di Toscana, 5 – Building D15, room 3.02
Phone: 055 275 9763

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