In order to be admitted to the graduation examination, first of all, it is necessary to submit the graduation application within the deadlines set for each session by the teaching calendar.

In order for the application to be accepted by the offices, you must not have more than 27 CFUs to complete your career. For the purposes of this calculation, only the final exam and the exams already taken but still in the registration phase (e.g. ERASMUS validation) are excluded.

In these cases, it is sufficient to note it in the "notes" field.

Once the application for graduation has been submitted and accepted, you will be admitted to take the final exam (laurea triennale) or the graduation exam (laurea magistrale) once you have fulfilled the following conditions within the timeframe established by the Calendar:

(a) Passing of all the exams and all the training activities present in the study plan

(b) You have obtained approval by your supervisor 

(c) You duly completed the graduation process (as explained in “Procedures and Deadlines - Session..."

If you apply to graduate in a given session and then you do not graduate you must then cancel the application by logging in to the dedicated section inside the online services.

Compulsory completion of the AlmaLaurea Questionnaire: As per the Resolution of the Academic Senate of July 6, 2016, in the online procedure for the submission of the degree application, the completion of the ALMA LAUREA Questionnaire is MANDATORY. Without the completion of the questionnaire, the system does not allow you to finalise the application)

 Tesi on line workflow (PDF)

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