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Finance and risk management- Finanza e gestione del rischio

Presentation of the MSc Program

Learning outcomes and career opportunities

Admission requirements

Courses and study plan


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Presentation of the MSc Program

The MSc in Finance and Risk Management (CLM FiRM) offers its prospective students an advanced education in finance, quantitative risk management and insurance. The program provides combination of economic theory for finance supported by mathematical and computational methods (probability theory, statistics, numerical analysis, coding) applied to finance, risk management, insurance, banking and accounting.

Download the MsC Regolamento valid in 2017-18 (pdf)


Double Degree with Warsaw School of Economics  

Students will have the opportunity to follow the Double Degree program between the MSc FiRM at UNIFI and the MsC in Finance and Accounting at Warsaw School of Economics. UNIFI students will spend their 1st year at UNIFi and their 2nd year at SGH, obtaining both degrees. 

Learning outcomes and career opportunities

Graduates should be able to work as specialists in quantitative-oriented areas of the financial services industry, such as trading, risk or asset management, or to work in specialized areas of an insurance company. The MSc in Finance and Risk Management aims at preparing students for high-level careers as risk and assets managers, actuaries, business specialists, quantitative analysts in banks, insurance companies and consultancy firms. The students who complete the MSc in Finance and Risk Management are eligible to achieve professional status as an Actuary in Italy.


Admission requirements

The candidates for the MSc in Finance and Risk Management must prove a strong knowledge of mathematics, statistics and social sciences as well as some familiarity with information technology and data analysis software.
Applicants for this program should have achieved a First Class or High Second Class (Upper Division) degree or an equivalent international qualification in their country.
An assessment online test may be required. In such a case, you would be directly contacted.

- Students with an Italian Bachelor

Graduates from the first level of the BA (undergraduate) degree program in Management (L-18 Scienze  dell'Economia e Gestione Aziendale), Economics (L-33 Scienze Economiche), Statistics (L-41 Statistica), Mathematics (L-35 Scienze Matematiche), Computer Sciences (L-31 Scienze e Tecnologie Informatiche), Physics (L-30 Scienze e Tecnologie Fisiche) at the University of Florence and graduates from other universities are eligible to apply with an undergraduate degree mark above 99/110. Graduates not in these categories should read the admission requirements specified in the MsC Regolamento Art. 3.


- Students with a non-Italian Bachelor

Applicants for this cprogram should have achieved a First Class or High Second Class (Upper Division) degree or an equivalent international qualification in their country.


Language proficiency

The program is taught in English so a working knowledge of English (written as well as spoken) is required. Accepted proof of the required knowledge of the English Language are language certificates of at least level B2 (i.e. equivalent to First Certificate) or equivalent IELTS score. No proof of knowledge of the English language is needed, for candidates who:
- have completed their Bachelor program in English;
- have completed their upper-secondary level education in English;
- declare and can account for English as a native language.


An admission committee will verify if the entry requirements have been satisfied and will assess the eligibility of applicants on the basis of their curriculum vitae and their previous academic careers.

The admission committee might require applicants to pass one or two entrance examinations/interviews prior to final admission. The entrance exam/interview in finance will cover investments and corporate finance. The entrance exam/interview in mathematics will cover the fundamentals  of probability theory and statistics.


Enrollment procedure for Non-EU students

If you are a non-EU citizen residing abroad, for the academic year 2017/2018 you will have to:

- pre-enroll at the Italian embassy/consulate in your country in the period May-June 2017, according to the timeline set by our Ministry of University;

- apply for the assessment, according to the procedure described in this file (PDF)

A reference letter from a university professor is also required for non-Italian students.

Download the Admission requirements (PDF) 

How to apply

Applications must include:

  1. The application form (PDF english)
  2. Certified copy of your 1st level university degree.
  3. Curriculum vitae.
  4. Statement of passed exams with marks and final dissertation title.
  5. Syllabus of the course programs covered by your 1st level degree.
  6. Certificate of knowledge of English language or personal declaration.

More information


Courses and study plan

Download the Study Plan - students enrolled in 2016


Download the Study Plan - students enrolled in 2017



About the courses


Polo di Novoli,  Buildings D4, D5, D6, D15



Director of the master degree program

prof.ssa Maria Elvira Mancino

Study plan

prof.ssa Ilaria Colivicchi


prof.ssa Federica Ielasi

Double Degree program

prof.ssa Ilaria Colivicchi

Student office:

Francesca Dardi c/o Scuola di Economia e Management

ph: +39 055 2759022

Hours: Monday 11.00 - 12.30; Friday 9.00 - 10.30

Assessment Test commitee:

Prof. Oliviero Roggi, Prof. Giacomo Scandolo, Prof. Filippo Zatti 

Riesame commitee:

Prof.ssa Maria Elvira Mancino, dott.ssa Sara De Masi, Dott.Alessandro Giannozzi, Prof.Giacomo Scandolo, dott.ssa Elaheh Karimi

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