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ECONOMIA Scuola di Economia e Management

Online and Wi-Fi service

Online services allow students to access information about their academic career, formulate study plans, register for exams, and other types of services by means of:

  • User ID: matriculation number assigned by the registrar's office
  • Password: password assigned by the registrar's office at the moment of matriculation. This must then by immediately changed by students at

All information about online services is available at the webpage of CSIAF (Centro Servizi Informatici d'Ateneo) under servizi online.

Wi-Fi and Internet access is available throughout the Social Sciences complex:

  • Activate the PC's wireless card and verify the signal;
  • Open browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, etc.);
  • Answer "SI" to accept the security certification;
  • Wait for the authentication screen;
  • Insert the same Username (matriculation number) and Password used for all online services.
last update: 06-Dec-2013
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