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ECONOMIA Scuola di Economia e Management


Social sciences library

Via delle Pandette, 2 - 50127 FIRENZE - tel. 055-4374010 
Hours: Monday to Friday: 8.30-19:00.

The library is located in the Social Sciences Complex in Building D10 in via delle Pandette 2. It houses about 800,000 volumes (over half of which can be accessed directly on open shelves), 4,900 periodicals (about 2000 with current subscriptions) and about 1,600 periodicals available in electronic format. The library has 800 study seats, most of which are equipped with electrical outlets for personal computers, as well as 106 library computers for research.

Services offered:

  • Open-shelf access to textbooks and teaching materials on the ground floor, periodicals on the first floor and books on the second floor.

  • Access to historical collections and antique documents

  • Access to Italian and international newspapers on microfilm

  • Access to authorized theses

  • Book loans

  • Interlibrary loans and document delivery

  • Home delivery for students with disabilities

  • Access to electronic resources (databases, electronic periodicals)

  • Research assistance (personalized assistance for research projects in law, economics and political science)

  • Courses on how to use the online catalog, Credit-bearing courses for social sciences students, "Introduction to thesis research" course for graduating social science students

  • Photocopy services, reproduction and printing from library computers with pre-paid self-service cards

  • Guided tours of the library

Bibliographic searches for library holdings can be performed using the online OPAC catalog, from which it is possible to access a collective national catalog comprising 800 other libraries that are part of the SBN (Italian national library service). From the library computers, a series of databases of particular interest for socio-economics and law can also be accessed.

Library resources for statistics are located at the Department of Statistics "Giuseppe Parenti", viale Morgagni, 57; E-mail: ( which holds about 15,000 volumes (both books and periodicals), with 101 current subscription periodicals, 600 theses of the School of Statistics and the University Diploma in Statistics, and 187 microfilms. There is also a section containing publications of ISTAT and other national and international statistics institutes.
The statistics library is open to the public on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9.00 to 13.30.

last update: 26-Nov-2013
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