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ECONOMIA Scuola di Economia e Management


  • First Cycle Degrees (L)

At the School of Economics there are four no set quota courses: no limitation to the number of students enrolled but access to exams is granted only after sitting for a self-evaluation test. The test is aimed at assessing the general knowledge of students; results will not prevent enrolment but they may indicate that supplementary courses need to be taken in order to fulfil shortfalls. Future students can sit for more than one test as each school and degree curriculum have different tests.


  • Second Cycle Degrees (LM)

To access Second Cycle Degree programmes (Laurea Magistrale - LM) students need to have previously obtained a First Cycle Degree (Bachelor's) - 3 years of study and 180 credits.

The list of courses shows the name and also the Degree Code as well as enrolment info. While the name of the course is determined by the single universities, the Code (Classe di Laurea) is decided by Ministerial decree, as to identify equivalent curricula from the different universities and give them the same legal value. (art. 4, Decreto Ministeriale 270/2004).

At the School of Economics there are seven no set quota courses: no limitation to the number of students enrolled. Access is granted after approval by the Didactic Commission of the chosen course, to whom all information of regarding one's academic curriculum and previous knowledge must be submitted.

last update: 14-May-2018
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