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Study plan

Students have to submit the study plan at the beginning of the second year, if enrolled in a First-cycle degree programme, or during the first year, if enrolled in a second-cycle degree programme.

Amendments to the approved study plan can be submitted following the same procedure and respecting the same deadlines. Students can submit one study plan per academic year.

The procedure is done online by logging on to the Online Services for students at the following deadline:

to be defined


After having filled in the study plan:


- If the selected study plan CAN BE APPROVED, students have to click on “REGISTRA” in order to register it. Students are required to print a copy. This copy MUST NOT be delivered to the Students Administration Office.


- If the selected study plan CAN NOT BE APPROVED, students are required to REGISTER IT (click on “REGISTRA”), print a copy of the study plan and MAKE an appointment with the representative professors in charge of checking the study plan for the relevant degree programme (please, refer to the following list of representative professors in charge or check the website of each degree programme). It is useful to have a printed copy of the study plan.


NOTE: if the study plan is not registered online, it cannot be examined (and approved) by the Degree Programme Educational Committee. Not registered study plans will not be visualized, amended and approved by the professors in charge.


  • Professors in charge of First-cycle degree programme study plan (PDF)

  • Professors in charge of Second-cycle degree programme study plan(PDF)


    Old first/Second cycle degree programmes students, ex D.M. 509/99 First/Second cycle degree programmes students or degree programmes ante D.M. 509/99 students who need to modify the study plan can only do it in by paper form, after consulting with the professor in charge for study plan.

  • Professors in charge for First-cycle degree programmes study plans ex D.M. 509/99 (PDF)

    Paper study plan draft form (PDF)


    NOTE: In order to draft the plan, it’s recommended to refer to the study plan of your enrolment year available on the website of each degree course


    Extraordinary procedure for study plan amendments (only for students applying for the degree thesis) 

    Article 17, 4th par. of the Regolamento Didattico di Ateneo (University Educational Regulation) states that: “Only in duly justified cases of necessity and urgency, students may submit a request for amendment of the approved study plan, at least thirty days before the submission to the Student Administration Office of the application for the degree thesis”

    The request is evaluated for approval by the Degree Programme Committee that will consider the necessity and urgency supporting the extraordinary procedure.

last update: 03-Aug-2018
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