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How organize your departure for the Erasmus+ study mobility

What to do after the acceptance of the mobility
After the acceptance of the mobility in the proposed university, the Student Mobility office will publish the official ranking with the names of the selected students who won the scholarship for the erasmus mobility.
It is always possible to turn down the mobility by sending an email to However students should be aware that their place and scolarship will be lost and consequently no one could benefit of it.


When do I leave for the Erasmus?
You can choose between the first or the second semester with reference to the academic calendar of the partner university. The erasmus period covers the welcome day or week, the period of lectures and the period of exams.


The Nomination
After the acceptance, the International Relations Office send the nominations of the selected students to all partner universities indicating the chosen semester of mobility. Then, each partner university gets in contact with its students by email giving instructions on how to do the application.


The Application
The application is the request of admission as an Erasmus student at the partner university.
Every partner university has its own application procedure. Therefore students have to refer to the email received by the university in order to prepare and send the requested documents.
The International Relations Office helps students in many ways: to issue the language certificates, to validate transcript of records, to sign the application forms, etc.
Please bear in mind that the application must include the following information:


PH: +39 055 275 9763
Erasmus code: IFIRENZE01
HOME INSTITUTION: Università degli Studi Firenze, Scuola di Economia e Management, Piazza Ugo di Toscana, 5 - 50127 Firenze (Italy)


The Learning Agreement
It contains the list of the exams you take when abroad and the corresponding exams you will have recognized upon return. You will choose the exams from the list provided by the partner university and will fill in the LA together with the erasmus tutor of your course of study.
The LA (LA Before the mobility) is valid when it contains 4 signatures: the student, the erasmus tutor (home university), the head of international relations (home university), the partner university.
During the mobility, the student can change his/her LA, but only after consulting the erasmus tutor and the partner university.
The new LA will also need the 4 signatures in the section “During the mobility” (LA DURING).
Students staying abroad for 1 semester generally fill in a LA with 30 cfu/ects.
Students staying abroad for the full year fill in a LA with 60 cfu/ects.
Students of the master degree can stay abroad for a maximum of 1 semester (30 cfu/ects)


After the Application
Generally few weeks after the application the student receive an Acceptance Letter from the partner university giving full instructions about the mobility and the academic calendar.


Where to stay abroad
At the moment of the application the partner university generally asks the students if they need a room in the student residence or gives full information in order to apply for public or private rooms or apartments to rent.
If you do not receive any information please contact the International Relations Office, which can help you dealing with that.


The Scolarship agreement
Before the departure the students receive an email instructing them to go to the Student Mobility office, in charge for the scolarship, in order to sign the agreement and to receive the money in their bank account.


Is it possible to take exams in Florence during the mobility?
The answer is NO! When you are an erasmus student, you can take exams only in the partner university; you will be able to take exams or take your degree in Florence only after the end of your mobility period (the correct dates of the mobility are written on the certificate of attendance signed by the partner university).


How to recognize the foreign language
If during your mobility period, you passes at least 18 cfu in a foreign language, when at home you can ask for the recognition of the exam of that language (maximum 6 cfu). The grade will be obtained as the weighted average of the grades obtained in the exams abroad. This procedure will be carried out by the International Relations Office.


These credits are the free-choice credits of your study plan. They can be used to recognize an exam taken abroad, if it does not have a corresponding exam at the University of Florence. In this case the student will have the name of the foreign exam in his study plan.


How to ask for an extension of the Erasmus mobility
It is possible to ask for an extension using the following form. This form has to be filled in by the student, signed by the partner university and sent to the International Relations office (
The student has to send the request at least 1 month before to the end of his/her mobility.
The extension period is not covered by any scholarship.


The scholarship
The scholarship is calculated in days. This means that if you received a scholarship for 4 months and you return home after 3 months and 16 days, you will be compelled to give back the corresponding amount of 14 days.


What to do when back home
Within 15 days from the return, the student must bring his/her certificate of attendance to the Student Mobility office in Piazza San Marco. Then, he/she has to go to the International Relations office in order to start the credits’ recognition process.
After these fulfillments, he/she will receive by email the form to be filled with the information about his/her mobility.


The credits’ recognition process
The credits’ recognition has to be requested to the International Relations Office after having received the transcript of records from the partner university. The student must fill in the Learning Agreement after the mobility (LA AFTER), sign it and take it to the office.

Students who have to make integrations, must go to the International Relations office within 2 weeks of returning from mobility to define the modalities and times of integration. The integrations, in any case, must be concluded by 30 April for the mobility of the first semester and by 30 September for the mobility of the second semester.
The recognition is discussed and approved by the Commitee of the student’s course of study.
After the approval, the exams and grades will be registered in the student career.
This process generally takes 2 months so be informed that it is not possible to graduate in February if your mobility ends in January or in July if your mobility ends in June.
The foreign grades are converted using the following conversion table


Every student of the University of Florence has an insurance for Civil Responsability and Accidents.
You can find all the information here


How to turn down or interrupt the Erasmus program
It is possible to turn down the post by sending en email to
If you already received the scholarship you will have to give it back.
If you decide interrupt the mobility when abroad, the following applies: if you have spent abroad less then 3 months, you will have to return the full scholarship; if you spent abroad more then 3 months, you will have to return only the remaining days.


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