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First application

Bachelor's Degree Application

To enroll in a first-cycle degree program at the School of Economics, all students must take a self-assessment test to verify an adequate level of preparation for university-level studies of economics and related disciplines. The test is obligatory, but does not bar students from admission in case of low scores. However, students who do not take the test will not be able to take course final examinations. Students with low scores will be provided with online learning materials and activities, as well as tutoring services to help them achieve an adequate level of preparation. To take the self-assessment test, students must use online test registration


Master's Degree Application

To enroll in a second-cycle degree program, it is necessary to have completed a first-cycle degree or have a recognized equivalent foreign degree. In addition, students must meet the specific curriculum and personal requisites of the selected degree program

last update: 26-Nov-2013
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