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The School of Economics and Management is the unit that coordinates the teaching activities carried out in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Economics.

The School of Economics and Management was established by resolution of the Board of Directors on January 30, 2013, in compliance with current legislation, as well as the Statute, the University Teaching Regulations and the University Regulations of the Schools and has its administrative headquarters in Florence, Via delle Pandette 32.

The School involves the Departments of:

  • Legal Sciences (DSG)
  • Economics and Management (DISEI)
  • Political and Social Sciences (DSPS)
  • Statistics, Computer Science, Applications (DISIA)

Why choose to study Economics? Because the economic dimension plays a central role in all aspects of our lives; a role that has become increasingly important in step with the development of modern industrial and post-industrial society, whose basic feature is the ability to extract ever greater utility from the limited resources at our disposal in order to satisfy our tendentially unlimited needs. The economic disciplines have as their object the principles and methods for the rational use of resources: it is therefore not surprising that for those who have skills in this field there are countless job opportunities, often in leading roles, as evidenced by the fact that graduates in economics are always at the top for employment rate, career development and remuneration.

Studying economics means tackling a multidisciplinary study path in which theoretical economics, management, law, mathematics and statistics are present to varying degrees in the four three-year bachelor degrees and seven master's degrees that make up the courses offered. Ingredients that in addition to specific skills allow building a professional profile characterized by extreme flexibility, global vision of phenomena, predisposition to continuous learning; all of which are essential skills to find space in society today and, even more, tomorrow.

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