How to enrol

The School of Economics and Management offers prospective first-year students an Incoming Orientation service. 

Complete information on all the University regulations concerning enrolment and enrolment, fees and charges, financial aid, transfers and course transitions is available in Italian in the Students Regulations (Manifesto degli Studi) of the current academic year.

See also the University of Florence web page


For further information on the programmes offered in the year you seek admission, you can consult the section programmes on the School website.


Starting from the academic year 2024-2025 the access to Sustainable Business and Societal Challenges (L-18) will be restricted to a limited number of 250 students.

Admitted students will be selected based on the score of the ENGLISH TOLC E test provided by the CISIA consortium.

Call for application (ITA - ENG)

Applications by 5 July 2024 for non-eu applicants resident abroad and for Marco Polo applicants|  Applications by 6 September 2024 for EU and non-EU candidates resident in Italy 



Economia Aziendale L-18, Economia e Commercio L-33, Statistica L-39, Sviluppo Sostenibile, Cooperazione e Gestione dei Conflitti L-37 are unrestricted access courses.

For these courses the self-evaluation test is TOLC E.

AA 2024-25 entry knoledge test (self-assessment test) for unrestricted access courses

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