Study plans

A.Y. 2023/2024

Who must submit the study plan

Submission of the study plan for the 2023/24 academic year is required by:

  • students who never submitted it;
  • students who wish to modify a plan of study already submitted in a previous academic year.

Who does not need to submit the study plan

  • students who have previously submitted their study plan and do not intend to change it.

The submission of the Study Plan for the A.Y. 2023/2024 for the Programs and the Cohorts  (see definition) indicated in the following table will take place through the online service, except for the following  categories: 

  • courses or cohorts for which online submission is not required for this Academic Year,
  • students who are behind their exams schedule (excluding Business Administration students who transitioned to Regulation 2020), 
  • already approved individual study plans
  • undergraduates who have already submitted a paper study plan 

Note: Students who have made a course transition, transfer, career shortening, or period of study abroad recognition procedure are required to submit their study plan online. They will be able to submit a paper study plan only in case the selection of validated exams through the online procedure is not possible.

Online study plans

The Plan of Study may be submitted every time it is foreseen during the  academic year.

There will be two sessions for each Study Program and for each Cohort to submit your Study Plan online, as indicated in the following table:

- fall session: October 26 through November 21, 2023

- spring session: March 26 through April 21, 2024.

The online study plan submission process will be accessible during the periods indicated at the following link: (

You must have renewed enrollment for the 2023/24 academic year to access the service.

Before proceeding, we recommend consulting the following submission guide and viewing the following tutorial.

Once the submission is complete, print and keep a copy of the plan. 

After confirmation, the online study plan CANNOT be modified.

In the event that the Study Plan submitted is rejected by the committee, the student may complete a new one by  May 8, 2024.

Study plan contacts


Specific information about the Bachelor of Business Administration (EA)

Specific information on the Economics and Commerce (EC) degree course


Paper-format study plan

  • it is not an alternative to the online-submitted one, but is only reserved for students not eligible for online submission;
  • the study plan may only be submitted once per academic year.
  • it cannot be submitted by someone who completed the plan online in the same academic year.

It is mandatory to indicate why the plan is being submitted in paper format; plan forms lacking motivation will not be processed.

It will be possible to submit the paper study plan in the same period provided for the online submission through the following procedure:

Submission of the study plan for Bachelor's degree programs

Submission of the study plan for Master's degree programs


Graduating students - extra variation of their study plan (art. 17 University Teaching Regulations)

An extra variation of the study plan is allowed only for undergraduates in April 2024.

The submission of the extra variation of the study plan is subject to the payment of stamp duty of 16 euros, payable with a slip that can be requested at the Student Admin Office.

The graduating student who intends to change the study plan needs to do the following: 1) request the stamp duty payment slip, 2) download the plan variation form (plan variation form) and send it by email to Student Admin Office from the institutional e-mail address of the university ( ) indicating in the subject line: EXTRA VARIATION OF THE STUDY PLAN

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