Job Placement

Graduates' orientation and job placement accompanies graduating students as they approach the job industry with the goal of minimizing the time they are unemployed.

Delegate for graduates' orientation - prof. Vincenzo Cavaliere

The School promptly updates open positions, calls for awards and scholarships and any offers that come in from businesses, including internship and scholarship offers.

It actively collaborates with the Orientation and Job Placement office, publicizing initiatives through the website (Orientamento Economia)

It organises, on an annual basis and in collaboration with the Union of Young Accountants of Florence, an orientation and information desk aimed at students and graduates of the School. 


Job placement opportunities

Service point

Information desks dedicated entirely to the orientation and job placement needs of students, graduates, doctoral students and PhDs. At the Novoli Campus, the desk is located in Via delle Pandette 32. For more information, you can contact:

Career lab

It's a program that offers students and graduates the opportunity to participate in days of personnel selection by companies and professional firms and includes the discussion of case studies presented by recruiters.

L'impresa si presenta 

'L'impresa si presenta' is an opportunity for companies and professional firms to get to know the students and graduates of the University of Florence, particularly those who possess the technical skills in which the participating organizations have an interest as part of their recruitment programs. It allows them to present their business and any open positions or internships they might have.

Career day offers the opportunity to conduct job interviews with companies and professional firms.

Entrepreneurship training

it is one of the proposals of the service of orientation and job placement of the university and it aims, on the one hand, to act as a training program to go from the idea to the business project and, on the other hand, as a space in which to meet testimonials, to network and open new opportunities, and challenge oneself.

Job vacancies notice board published by the university.

Check here for other placement initiatives

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