Click here to read the call and get all the information.
Click here to see the list of partner companies of the School of Economics and Management, together with the requirements. Put in the second drop down menù "Erasmus+ Traineeship Generica"

How to apply

The students who wish to apply have to connect to:
and fill in the application (it is possible to choose a maximum of 3 companies from the list or to indicate 1 company autonomously chosen by the student. In this case, the student has to provide a specific letter from the firm – click here to download the form).

In order to apply a student needs to be enrolled at the University of Florence. However, he/she can spend the traineeship period abroad both during their university studies or after graduation (but they must finish the internship period within 1 year from graduation).
You can get in touch with the IRO in order to get some help to sned the application:

The selection process and the acceptance

The examining board of the School of Economics and Management will evaluate the applications and will produce a ranking based on the criteria stated on the call:
- GRADES (max 35 points)
- KNOWLEDGE OF LANGUAGES (max 15 points)

The internships will be allocated in order of ranking (from the highest total score to the lowest) until all places have been assigned. If the first chosen location is not available, the second preference will be assigned, and so on.
Alternative destinations will be offered to students whose 3 chosen companies are not available, where possibile.
Once the students have accepted the placement offered (through Turul platform), the International Relations Office will send to each company the CV and the motivational letter of the winners. The companies are free to get in touch with the students in order to know them better, organise an interview or verify the compliance with their requirements.
Then companies send to the International Relations Office a formal acceptance letter for the students who passed the selection; such letter will also indicate the period of the internship.

The Scholarship agreement

At the same time, the Student Mobility Office of the University of Florence will contact the students in order to sign the Scholarship Agreement.

How to turn down or interrupt the Erasmus programme

It is possible to turn down the post by sending an email to
If you already received the scholarship you will have to give it back.
If you decide to interrupt the mobility when abroad, the following applies: if you have spent abroad less than 2 months, you will have to return the full scholarship; if your stay is longer than 2 months, you will have to return only the remaining days.

The Training Agreement

It contains the list of the activities to be carried out during the internship and it is signed by the students, the international coordinators for the School of Economics and Management and the partner company.
Please bear in mind that these data need to be included:
PH: +39 055 275 9030
Erasmus code: IFIRENZE01
SENDING INSTITUTION: Università degli Studi Firenze, Scuola di Economia e Management, via delle Pandette 32 - 50127 Firenze (Italy)
STUDY CYCLE: 1 for Bachelor's degree and 2 for Master's degree

Table A

It is possible to correctly fill in the Training Agreement only after the formal acceptance by the company and after the company has provided all the details on the tasks to be performed by the student during the internship.

Table B

The student must choose if the traineeship is:
- EMBEDDED if it is included in the study plan and it will be recognized; it is necessary to establish the number of ETCS to be recognized;
- VOLUNTARY if it is not included in the study plan and therefore it will not be recognized;
- RECENT GRADUATE for those doing the traineeship after graduation with no recognition.

Every student of the University of Florence is covered for Civil Responsibility and Accidents. You can find all the information here

Table C

Generally, it is possible to fill in this part when everything about the traineeship has been defined by the hosting company. It is advisable to have everything filled in before the departure but sometimes the document is filled in by the company during the mobility period.

The Training Project

The Training Project is a document of the School of Economics and Management to be filled in by students who want to have their traineeship period recognised. It is possible to recognize a minimum of 3 ECTS and a maximum of 12 ECTS, depending on the organization and the duration of the traineeship itself. The form can be downloaded here.
It is mandatory to recognize the credits of the traineeship.
In order to obtain the recognition of the credits, before the departure, the student must choose a Tutor in the home university. Together they fill in the first table in the Training Agreement, with reference to the duration and the number of ECTS to be recognized. This document needs the signatures of the student, the Tutor and the President of the Degree programme.
Upon return from the traineeship program, if the student did what was established, the agreed credits will be recognized. Full information about the internship can be found in the Transcript of Work provided by the company.
The student must bring the Training Project (original) + the Transcript of Work (original) + the Training Agreement totally filled in plus the certificate of attendance (copy) to the International Relations office in charge of the recognition.
The recognition is discussed and approved by the Committee of the student’s degree programme.
After the approval, the traineeship is registered in the student's career.
This process generally takes up to 2 months: therefore students must be aware that it is not possible to graduate in the February session if the mobility ends in January, or in the July session if the mobility ends in June.

Required documents at the end of the Traineeship

This document indicates the duration of the internship with the start and end dates.
The days of training will be counted according to the dates indicated in this document (minimum of 60 days). The certificate is delivered to the student upon signing the scholarship agreement.

Pay attention: during the Erasmus traineeship period, it is not possible to take exams or to graduate at Florence University. From the day after his/her return, the student can resume taking exams.
Within 15 days from the return (and in any case by September 30), the student must bring his certificate of attendance to the Student Mobility office in Piazza San Marco.

This document, signed by the host company, provides a description of the tasks performed during the internship and the number of hours worked. It is a mandatory document, together with the certificate of attendance, in order to be eligible for the scholarship. The original of this document has to be delivered to the International Relations office within 15 days after the return. Click here to download the form.
After the arrival of these documents, the student will receive by email the form to be filled in with the information about his/her mobility.

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