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ECONOMIA Scuola di Economia e Management


About us

Economy is part of our lives because it involves a natural state of humans: their needs. Needs are many, while goods available to satisfy them are few. Very often, goods are not immediately at hand, so they must be produced before consuming them. But what is important is that production and consumption take place without waste - in other words, economically.

Production and consumption are set in specific entities which are called firms. Firms in their turn are part of a wider and more complex system which represents the general economy of a country or a group of countries. So we have to develop models and define principles and criteria which are conducive to economically interpreting and managing the firms and the wider system in which they operate. Economy, therefore, is everywhere and is multi-faceted. For this reason, our School of Economics is based on many different disciplines: economics, management, law, statistics and mathematics, without forgetting computer sciences and foreign languages.

These different disciplines are combined and taught in four bachelor programs which last three years. They are focused on different aspects of economic reality or on different economic problems: how to run a company, how to organize and manage tourism events, how to prepare accurate statistics, how to support developing countries, how to take a business international, and, in addition, how to understand relationships between economics and law.

Students have the opportunity to delve further into these topics by enrolling in one of the seven master programs which last two years. These are devoted to studying corporate governance, accounting, tourism, decision support systems, economic systems analysis, financial markets, insurance activity and developing economies.

This rich academic offering, which is organized on two different levels, opens the door to many different careers: company manager, public administrator, certified public accountant, financial analysts, professional statistician, member of a research center of private and public entities and institutions.

Statistics tell us that, one year after having received a degree, a graduate in Economics has one of the lowest unemployment rates, works mainly in the service industry and earns one of the highest starting salaries - one more reason to choose our School of Economics.



Professor Marco Bellandi




Via Miele (Residenza Caponnetto) - Firenze 


Social Sciences Campus -Via delle Pandette 32, Firenze (Building D1)



last update: 10-Sep-2019
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