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In order to ensure an improved service for future exchange students and to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible, please read and observe the following procedures.




If you want to join us here in Florence as Erasmus/Exchange student it is needful a good knowledge of the language in which you wish  to study: a B1 level to study in ITALIAN and a B2 level to study in ENGLISH are required. Moreover, a basic knowledge of the ITALIAN language is recommended to enjoy the experience in Florence. No certification is required.


Students selected in their Home Institutions within the framework of the ERASMUS+ 2016-17 programme should follow these steps in order to be accepted by the School of Economics and Management:

  • The HOME INSTITUTION must send an official NOMINATION to from March the 15th to April the 30th for the 1st semester or year and from September the 1st to October the15th for the 2nd semester. It should include the following information for each student:

    1. Erasmus University Code
    2. Name and Surname
    3. Email address
    4. Field of study
    5. Duration of studies at the School of Economics and Management (first/second semester, 2 semesters)
    6. Gender 
  • The HOME INSTITUTION should send the Erasmus Student mobility proposal form and Learning Agreement, which has to be filled in, stamped and signed by the Coordinator of the Home Institution, by May the 30th for the 1st semester or year and by November the 15th for the 2nd semester.

Please find here the Erasmus Student mobility proposal form and Learning Agreement to be filled in:

  • Enrolment form (download here)
  • Learning Agreement (dowload here)


Please remember that both documents have to be completed.

Please remember that the Enrolment Forms without all the requested signatures and stamps won't be accepted!


    In order to fill in the Learning Agreement included into the Enrolment Form, the courses information can be found on clicking on SCUOLA - DIDATTICA - OFFERTA FORMATIVA.

The Enrolment Form should be sent by e-mail to Indeed, we accept scanned copy and it is not required to receive the original documents by post. If on the contrary the Home Institution prefers original signatures please use regular mail after our confirmation via e-mail that the Erasmus Student mobility proposal form and the Learning Agreement are satisfactory completed.

For any information about the procedure please fell free to ask to our office at:



The School of Economics and Management is situated in the Social Sciences Campus in Novoli and you can reach the campus by bus routes 57 and 23 (Nuovo Pignone Direction).



  •  Register yourself personally at the International Relations Service - School of Economics and Management - Piazza ugo di Toscana 5 in Novoli Campus (Office Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) bringing your original Enrolment Form; 
  • Enroll at ERASMUS OFFICE of the Campus (D15 Building, ground floor) with the original Enrolment Form stamped and signed at the International Relations Service. In a short time they will give you the “Libretto” (that is the student’s book with matriculation number);
  • Check the LESSONS TIMETABLE (available some days before the beginning of the courses) on (then click on SCUOLA -  DIDATTICA - ORARIO E CALENDARIO DIDATTICO);
  • Talk to the professors of the courses you chose to be sure you can attend them without any problem (e.g. sometimes you need some pre-requisites especially if you choose from Laurea Magistrale);
  • Come back here (International Relations Service) by the date communicated at your arrival by our staff with your definitive study programme (page 4 of the Enrolment form) and we will check and send it to your Home University. This will be your final COURSES CHOICE for the current semester: we won't accept any further changes.



Centro Linguistico di Ateneo (CLA)

Centro Didattico Morgagni, Viale Morgagni, 40 

Punto informativo Novoli  
Front Office - Building D/14 - Via delle Pandette 3 - ground floor (near the cafeteria)

For opening hours and details consult:

The Centro Linguistico di Ateneo organizes Italian language courses throughout the academic year. Erasmus and Exchange students during their mobility can register to one Italian Language course free of charge, starting from A2 level.

To attend this course students should fill an on-line application available at: and follow the relevant instructions (click on ITALIAN L2, then on ENROLMENT). Futher instruction will be sent by e-mail from CLA.

For more information please write to

The on-line application can also be reached from the homepage of Università degli Studi di Firenze following this path: STUDENTI - STUDENTS FROM ABROAD - ERASMUS STUDENTS.

Please bear in mind that the ITALIAN LANGUAGE COURSE at CLA cannot be included in the Learning agreements as it won't give you any credit (ECTS) to be registered on your final Transcipt of Records. 



The University of Florence does not own housing facilities for Erasmus students.

For the present we can only provide the following information about the Tuscany Region Office for University Students:

Moreover, recently the University of Florence has activated a partnership with, a platform where outgoing students can rent their rooms to incoming exchange students during the time that they are abroad. It is a platform that matches the supply and demand of short stay accommodation in the private market:

We also have a new INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS' NOTICE BOARD so ask for it and you will check advertisements or put your requests.




ERASMUS+ students must hand over their student cards (Libretto) to the already mentioned ERASMUS OFFICE of the Campus of Social Sciences (D15 Building, ground floor) and apply for a certificate stating the period of their attendance at the University of Florence. The certificate of attendance received from "Ufficio Servizi alla Didattica e agli Studenti" has to be shown to the International Relations Service to eventually apply for the signature of any Home Institution's certificate. 

Then the Home Institution will receive the Transcript of Record of the students by e-mail.


The International Delegate of the School of Economics and Management is:  
Silvia Scaramuzzi  

To reach the office:

Piazza Ugo di Toscana, 5 - 50127 Firenze 

Tel. 0039 055 275 9764


Office hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.




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