Future students of the School

The objective of incoming orientation is to encourage an informed and satisfactory choice of the study path to be undertaken.

  Delegates for future students' orientation - prof. Silvia Ranfagni, Leonardo Bargigli

School Orientation Office contact persons - Manuela Tasselli, Maria Guerri


Remote orientation meetings are dedicated to the presentation of the University's educational offer, with the aim of providing a service to students preparing to choose their university careers. Dates and other University initiatives will be posted on the Italian page "Orientamento in ingresso".

Interested students will need to register on the Dialogue Platform. They will receive a personal invitation email to attend the meeting.



The University of Florence has collected for each School video lessons produced as part of the pathways to develop cross skills useful for orientation and guidance.



Open day for Bachelor degrees a.y. 2023-2024

May 2, 2023 

Statistics slides 

Business Administration (EA): slides 

Economics and Commerce (EC): slides 

Sustainable development, cooperation and conflict management (SECI) slides 


Open day for Master’s degrees a.y. 2023-2024

May 2023 

Master’s Degree (LM) in Design of Sustainable Tourism Systems slides

Master’s Degree (LM) in Accounting, Auditing and Control slides

Master’s Degree (LM) in Finance and Risk Management slides

Master’s Degree (LM) Economics and Development slides

Master’s Degree (LM) in Corporate Governance and Business Administration slides

Master’s Degree (LM) in Statistics and Data Science slides

Master’s Degree (LM) in Economics Sciences slides


Bachelor degree programmes

When you enrol in a 3-year bachelor’s degree program, you MUST take a test to verify your knowledge at the beginning of your study path. It is a non-selective self-assessment test (non-selective means that, even if you get a negative result, you can still enrol and attend the lectures, but you will have to fulfil additional educational obligations (OFA). 

 Master’s Degree Programmes:

In order to be admitted to a master's degree program, you must have specific curricular requirements and adequate personal education; therefore, you must submit an application for evaluation in order to obtain the clearance that will allow you to be admitted in the chosen course. Entry requirements are listed on individual degree program sites. 


For any other information about the service and the range of courses please contact the school orientation office - Manuela Tasselli and Maria Guerri (


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