Application and Enrolment Procedure


Step 1: NOMINATION – for Partner Universities Coordinators

In order to be accepted by the School of Economics and Management, the HOME INSTITUTION of students selected within the framework of the ERASMUS+ programme or the Cooperation agreement must send an official NOMINATION to International Relations Office ( within the following deadlines.


Nomination deadlines:  

-        1st semester or full year:       30th May

-        2nd semester:                            30th October 


The nomination should include the following information for each student:

-        Erasmus University Code

-        Student’s Name and Surname

-        Gender

-        Student’s Email address

-        Nationality

-        Field of study (ISCED)

-        Study Cycle (BA/MA/PhD)

-        Period of mobility (first/second semester, full year)


Step 2: APPLICATION  - for nominated students

Once the nomination is received, the International Relations Office of the School of Economics and Management will contact the students by email, providing all the information, instructions and forms for the Application. The Application Documents signed and sealed from the HOME INSTITUTION must be sent by email to within the following deadlines:


Application deadline:  

-        1st semester or full year:        30th June   

-        2nd semester:                             30th November


Please find here the Erasmus Student mobility proposal form and Learning Agreement to be filled in:

  • Student Mobility Proposal - Enrolment form (download here)
  • Learning Agreement (dowload here)


Please remember that the Student Mobility Proposal - Enrolment Form and Learning Agreement must be signed and stamped where indicated by the coordinator of the Home Institution.

Forms without all the requested signatures and stamps won't be accepted!

Documents to present:

  • Enrolment Form: it must be signed and sealed by home institution. No enrolment will be accepted if the stamp and signature are missing
  • Learning Agreement: duly signed and sealed by home institution with all the courses students wish to attend.
  • A copy of the student’s national identity card (for EU members) or passport (non-EU members).
  • Erasmus+ students with non-EU/EEA citizenship: copy of residence permit
  • An update Transcript of Records (English version - Bachelor and Master Degree course)
  • Certificate of language knowledge: Italian (Level B1), English (Level B2)


In order to fill in the Learning Agreement included into the Enrolment Form, the courses information can be found on  clicking on SCUOLA - DIDATTICA - OFFERTA FORMATIVA.


ALL the Application Documents should be sent by e-mail to Indeed, we accept scanned copy and it is NOT required to receive the original documents by post.

For any information about the procedure please fell free to ask to our office at:



As soon as application forms are processed, the International Relations Office will send Incoming students an Acceptance Letter and the Learning Agreement signed. Please check the e-mail regurarly.



You need to enter your personal data through the online procedure. (TUTORIAL)



After completing the Web registration, Erasmus Desk will contact you with additional requests in order to complete the procedure and assign the “Matricola” (UNIFI registration number - Student’s USER ID).

Students will also receive a provisional password to access the online service.

Students are requested to change the password at their first access. 

If students should lose their registration number and  password, please contact Erasmus Desk




If you need to change your learning agreement and the selected courses at UNIFI you are allowed to do it within the deadlines that our Office will give you. Remember that you are allowed to do changes to the original study plan just one time per semester.

For more information get in touch with the School of Economics and Management International Office (  

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