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Prior to departure - Leaving UNIFI

1. Before their leaving, students must finish their exams (written exams included), accept the grades on SoL Platform and contact Erasmus Desk to


2. Students cannot take exams after the end of their Erasmus period of Mobility, if they need more time, ask for an extension.


3. Erasmus Desk in Novoli provides the student with an official Confirmation of Stay and sends the official Transcript of Records by email directly to the Home University/Coordinator. We can give ONLY Digital Documents.


4. If the Home University requires a particular form attesting departure (Certificate of Stay), you can send it to the International Relations Office. We will be able to sign it after the closure of your exchange. Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, we can give only Digital Documents.


5. Make sure to hand in all your library books before you leave Florence. If you forget to do this, you will receive a fine.


Please note: that it is not possible to send any original document to students or to Partner University after the end of the exchange period. In order to avoid inconveniences, we ask students to collect all the needed documentation before leaving.

ultimo aggiornamento: 01-Apr-2021
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