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Italy’s public health system is called Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN), distributed through the territory in Aziende Unità Sanitarie Locali (AUSL). In order to receive the cures that you might need you have to bring your European Health Insurance (EHIC).


Registration to the SSN (Servizio Sanitario Regionale - National Health Service)

Those who are registered to SSN have the same rights and duties of Italian citizens including the co-payment of fees for the services provided (ticket). The contribution varies according to the financial situation of the applicant. In some cases (e.g. students) applicants pay a flat fee.


How to register as a student

International students, both from within and outside the EU that are enrolled at university can register to the National Health Service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale - SSN) for the duration of their studies.

The registration will entitle the student to be enrolled in the regional health service system, to choose a General Practitioner and to receive the same healthcare services as any Italian citizen.

The registration expires on the December 31 of every year and has a lump cost of € 700,00 (to be carried out via modello F24 , codice tributo 8846, codice regione 17, anno di riferimento 202_).

For further information ASL Toscana centro website. Information Leaflet.


For non-EU citizens, a residency permit for "study" reasons is required in order to apply. If the residency permit expires before December 31st, the registration to the healthcare system will be closed; it will be reopened upon submission of a renewal application, without any additional cost.


International students who wish to benefit from medical assistance need to register voluntarily by delivering the required documentation (see below) to one of the "Sportelli dell’Anagrafe Sanitaria" (healthcare register offices).

Documentation required for EU students:

• identity document and fiscal code/Tax Identification Number (Codice Fiscale)

• self-certification of school attended

• certification of voluntary contribution payment

statistical sheet , referred to in art. 10 of the 8 October 1986 Ministerial Decree


Documentation required for non-EU students:

• passport with visa

• valid residency permit for "study" reasons

• fiscal code/Tax Identification Number (Codice Fiscale)

• certification of voluntary contribution payment

statistical sheet , referred to in art. 10 of the 8 October 1986 Ministerial Decree


For more information please refer to the local health offices in your area of residency and visit Azienda USL Toscana Centro website (in Italian only). Further info on health system assistance for foreigners on Azianda USL Toscana Centro (external link - in Italian only).

The main hospital in Florence is :

Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria AOU Careggi, situated in Largo Brambilla, 3 - Firenze.

For more information visit the website.

There is a desk dedicated to foreign citizens:

Foreigners’ Hospitalisation Office  / Ufficio Spedalità Stranieri.


For more information visit:

The national unique emergency number to dial to have immediate rescue is 118


  • STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: front office and services

The University of Florence has been active for many years to offer students with disabilities equal opportunities in their right to education, by implementing specific actions to remove obstacles limiting their integration in the University world.

Unifi Include brings together in an integrated approach all initiatives that promote equality and inclusion, according to the various fields of action.

For more information, please visit this link:



The tax code (Codice Fiscale) is a fiscal identification code, comprised of letters and numbers, that identifies citizens when dealing with Italian public Authorities and other Administrations. It is required in Italy for all sorts of procedures (e.g. applying for a resident permit, opening a bank account, applying for the National Health Service card, renting a flat, applying for a fixed telephone line, buying a mobile phone's SIM card, etc.).

Option 1:  if you are a EU citizen you can request it online ahead of time (recommended).

Please follow the instructions you can download here

Codice Fiscale request form EN

PLEASE NOTE: print the form and sign it by hand then make a high quality scan (NOT a wonky, badly-lit photo with your phone!) and send it back to the Agency. We suggest you use the Adobe Scan free app on your phone or tablet or any other scanning app of your choice to do this at your convenience and no cost.


Option 2:  if you are non-EU citizen (the only one available) the request may be submitted personally to any local tax office branch of the Italian Revenue Agency  (Agenzia delle Entrate

The request may be submitted personally to any local tax office branch of the Italian Revenue Agency  (Agenzia delle Entrate). 

Direzione Provinciale di FIRENZE
Via Santa Caterina d'Alessandria, 23
50129 - FIRENZE
Telefono: 055-4787111

The tax code is issued immediately and free of charge. It is necessary to complete the AA4/8 form

EU/EEA citizens must bring a valid passport or another form of ID; non EU/EEA citizens must bring the passport with a valid visa and a copy of it (clearly showing personal data and visa) and/or the residence permit.

Alternatively, it is possible to apply for the tax code to the Italian consular authorities in the country of residence.

For further information, please visit the Agenzia delle Entrate website.



If you are a non-EU citizen and wish to study in Italy for more than 90 days, you will need a Visa to enter Italy. 

If you stay for less than 90 days, find out from the Embassy (or Consulate) if you require a Visa. You must apply for the Visa from the Italian Embassy in your country of residence, providing the letter of acceptance from the University of Florence. Important: you must apply for a Visa for study purposes.

You must apply well in advance for the Visa, as the visa issuing procedure can take several months.

Important: when you apply for the Visa, have your medical insurance stamped by the Embassy, otherwise you will not be able to use it to apply for the Residence Permit.

Within 8 business days of entry into Italy, non-EU citizens with a mobility period of more than 90 days must ask the Residence Permit Kit at the Sportello Amico Counter in any Post Office in Italy. This is a compulsory procedure for all non-EU citizens wishing to stay in Italy for more than 90 days.

The 3 receipts issued by the Post Office will be needed to enroll at Università degli Studi di Firenze.



PER-Università DESK, promoted by the University in collaboration with Questura di Firenze (Central Police Station of Florence), is an help desk to support students from a country outside the European Union in applying for or renewing their residence permit.

The service orients students - in possession of an entry visa for study in Italy - in managing the procedure, filling in the postal kit and verifying the required documentation.

It will be available at UNIFI INCLUDE (Novoli Campus, via delle Pandette, 32 - Florence - Building D1, Ground Floor, Room 03every Wednesday from 14.00 to 16.30 and Friday from 10.00 to 12.00.
For information and appointment:




If you wished to practice some sports, our institution offers the possibility to register at the CUS (Centro Universitario Sportivo) that allows students to attend a wide variety of courses.

Opening hours: Tuesdays and Fridays 09.00 am - 12.30 pm, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 3.00 pm – 7.00 pm
For more information visit: 

Our institution offers even other activities, such as being part of the University Choir or the University Orchestra, or alternatively the University’s Acting Company.

For further information regarding those activities, you can check the webpage at the following link:




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